Soekarno's Trisakti Concept Still Relevant to Awaken the Indonesian Tourism Sector

Destinations Indonesia Expo stretches Soekarno's Trisakti Concept
Jakarta (IndonesiaMandiri) - "Sovereignty in politics, self-reliance in the economic field and personality in culture," is a strong message from President Soekarno known as Trisakti. This message remains relevant in the present context. This message was also used by the "Destinasi Indonesia Expo" program, a tourism and development nuance event, for three days (27-29 / 6) at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Yanti Sukamdani, the initiator of this event from Yayasan Kusuma Pertiwi in collaboration with Destination Magazine and received support from the Creative Economy / Bekraf Agency, packed the expo with a combination of display of creative economic products from a number of regions, and also nuanced to present digital programs.

Tjahjo Kumolo, Minister of Home Affairs who was the main speaker and opened the exhibition, said that Indonesia's natural resources and culture must continue to be developed. So that the message of Sukarno Trisaksi is very relevant and put forward so that national tourism assets are well maintained.

The exhibition and conference will also choose a number of regional tourism destinations that have certain advantages in the Trisakti Tourism Award event, which is planned to be delivered directly by President Joko Widodo and 5th President Megawati Soekarnoputri (ma).

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