The First Agro Racing Circuit in Indonesia

Subang (OtoIndonesia) - The Janitral Circuit continues to improve, after a trial error by several communities in the past, now this circuit looks at the launching event which will be held on the week of 06/30/2019. While all preparations began to be carried out by the administrators who were voulenteers, and sports hobbyists who were quite extreme but had mushroomed the culprit.

When met at the location, the Duet Initiator who is the owner of the circuit (Iimam Khoerul & Rohmat) looks quite busy "we are trying to prepare the condition of this circuit, although it is simple in principle, feasible and hopefully in the future we can continue to improve" said the duo who are brothers this.

In a separate place, the supervisor and head of the Pringkasap Village (Siti Hotimah) also agreed on the circuit activity which was initiated by the youth of Jaringao hamlet, "we from the Government are very supportive of this activity, in fact this activity can also help the citizens' economy, and become an educational vehicle for the youth segment "he said through his telephone line.

Left to right (Rohmat, Eko, Imam, Iyan, Rina, Asep, Yoga, Aksho, Kubil, Samsi, Aajay
The location also saw activities carried out by the committee team, in addition to preparing a number of barriers that would be used as separator spectators, also the committee today cooperated with the community to prepare the track and jumping area.

The committee also acknowledged that this circuit was far from perfect, but with the spirit of togetherness and hard work it was not impossible. The Janitorial Circuit could continue to grow and provide benefits to Jaringao residents in particular and Pringkasap Village in general, in addition to the Trail community, also circuit managers. has carried out strategic steps, by approaching educational institutions, to invite together to make this circuit as a vehicle for nature-based education, of course, without prejudice to the ongoing curriculum.

"We have approached several schools to invite cooperation, we do this so that the saturation in the classroom can be slightly resolved, or in other words refresh students" said Asep Saefudin, Aksho, Iyan, Kubil & Eko when met at the location.

In addition to site preparation, the committee collaborated with local youth organizations, beginning with the making of tenant zoning. While for the event later, they will not forget to fix the access so that in the future the traffic can be overcome. (EW)

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