The Indonesian Navy and US NAVY Agree to Exercise Together

Latma Carat Strengthens Relations between the Indonesian Navy and US Navy
Surabaya (IndonesiaMandiri) - After going through several stages, finally the Navy and US. Navy reached an agreement on the plan for the Joint Exercise Afloat Readiness And Training (Latma-Carat) 2019 program, signed by both parties during the closing meeting of the Final Planning Conference (FPC) which began on April 30-May 2, 2019, at the JW Hotel. Marriott Surabaya (2/5).

The Chair of the 2019 Carat FPC Delegation from the Navy represented by Marine Colonel (P) Sigit Santoso and US Navy Capt. Ann Mc Cann, signed the agreement on Latma Carat. To determine the agreement, each group formed a small group discussion (small group discussions) discussing the planned activities, schedules and combat equipment that will be deployed in Latma CARAT later.

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